Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Cubans Applaud Performance of the Harvard-RadCliffe Orchestra

Monday, 30 May 2011 12:46 Source: Prensa Latina (Solvision)

Guantanamo.- The audience that gathered at the La Caridad Theater to enjoy the performance of the US Harvard-RadCliffe Orchestra (HRO), from Cambridge, Massachusetts, gave it a huge ovation on Sunday night.

This was the second concert HRO gave in Cuba, after the one in central Cienfuegos city, where they played, among other masterpieces, the Ninth Symphony from the “New World” by Chezch composer Antonin Dvorak, and the “Cuban Overture”, a symphonic overture composed by US George Gershwin.

The HRO shared the stage with the Sinfónica de Villa Clara orchestra to play Cuban and US pieces.

In statements to ACN, HRO director Federico Cortese said this tour is of great importance because it will boost the cultural exchanges between the two peoples.

He added he had enjoyed greatly the show and the audience’s response and described as fantastic the Cuban musicians’ and their director Irina Toledo’s performance, which played “Les préludes" by Hungarian Franz Liszt.

The US orchestra founded in 1808 is made up of Harvard university students and has undertaken international tours to Mexico (1962), Canada (1972 y2004), former Soviet Union (1984), Italy (1994), Brazil (2000) and South Korea (2008), among others.

The third and last performance will be in Havana city next Tuesday, when they will play Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony along the Cuban National Choir.

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