Saturday, June 04, 2011

Gangster Barack Obama strikes again!

One of the biggest FAKES ever to occupy the United States White House one more time has let his total hatred toward the Cuban people come to the fore.

This time his administration has prohibited twenty sports fishing yachts from participating in the 61st Ernest Hemingway Swordfish Fishing Tournament which will take place in Cuba this summer.

Let him sulk in his hate. It shows that he is totally powerless in his attempts to derail the achievements of the Cuban people.

Source: Granma (See below, if you speak Spanish)

La Habana, 3 de junio.— Unos 20 yates de pescadores de Estados Unidos no participarán en el 61 Torneo Internacional de la Pesca de la Aguja Ernest Hemingway, porque su gobierno les negó licencia para zarpar a Cuba.

Eternal shame on Barack Obama. May your reign only be four years!

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