Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Is Barack H. Obama an American Kerensky?

Those who love good history books will clearly like reading John Reed's journalistic masterpiece “Ten Days that Shook the World.”

It may also be interesting (but certainly not enjoyable) to read books written by the capitalist-imperialist ruling elites which are full of garbage and hate toward the glorious Russian revolution, which was the final act of workers in that country taking political, economic and social power under the revolutionary flag and leadership of the Bolshevik Party, which would later on be renamed the Communist Party.

There are some very striking similarities between what happened in Russia in 1917 and what is happening in the United States during the first decade of the XXI century.

1) Russia was broke, due to their disastrous entry, under their imperial Tsar, into World War One. The United States is very close to national bankruptcy, with billions of taxpayer money being spent for wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Barack Obama's unconstitutional military adventures in Libya and Yemen.

2) Liberal Alexander Kerensky was heading the provisional government, after the first act of the Russian revolution, which took place in February, 1917. In the Unites States, neoliberal Barack Obama is in power. Both Kerensky and Obama were and are working in favor of the agendas of the capitalist bourgeoisie.

3) There was in Russia, back then, and there is in the United States today, a tremendous amount of rising anger which was and is being directed toward their governments. Today, upwards of 70% of Americans are saying that the country is traveling on the wrong direction, that of corporate America, the banks, the super rich and Wall Street.

Will history repeat itself or are Americans more interested in watching celebrities, garbage TV and playing with their smart phones and iPads, while the country faces debts, unemployment, people loosing their houses and growing homelessness and hunger?

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