Friday, June 17, 2011

More garbage from The Miami 'Gusano' Herald

Normally I do not waste any of my time reproducing the stuff that is published by the premier newspaper mouthpiece of the Miami Gusanos. That rag sheet never stops defending the former supporters of General Fulgencio Batista in Cuba, who was, until January First 1959, the favorite "democrat" of El Tio Sam in Latin America.

But I am going to make an exception today because I can not stop laughing. I am laughing so hard that the muscles in my tummy hurt.

Give me a Timpani, please!

The Herald says that "Cuba’s masters are fighting desperately to avoid an economic and political collapse."


Here is the article:

Commentary: Cuba democracy funds should be released
The Miami Herald
Published: Friday, Jun. 17, 2011 - 9:48 am

At a time when Cuba’s masters are fighting desperately to avoid an economic and political collapse, Washington is caught up in an increasingly silly and pointless dispute over funds to promote civil society and democracy on the island. This nonsense could not come at a worse time.

Sen. John Kerry has put the brakes on funding previously approved by federal lawmakers without supplying clear reasons for his actions or his intent. This is both a significant departure from the usual script involving U.S. policy toward Cuba and a surprising — and disappointing — role for the senator from Massachusetts.

Cuba policy is a perennial target of controversy inside the beltway, with Democrats and Republicans offering competing visions of the best way to fulfill the U.S. interest in promoting freedom [made in USA] on the island. This time, however, it’s a leading Democrat against a Democratic administration. The situation is made even more bizarre because Mr. Kerry has rarely, if ever, evinced overriding interest in Cuba policy and can usually be counted on to act as a reliable ally of the Obama administration on Capitol Hill.

Sen. Kerry, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, has put a “hold” on Cuba funds disbursed by USAID, the foreign-aid arm of the State Department, to block $20 million “to support human rights and civil society initiatives in Cuba.” These programs cover a wide range of activities. They include the provision of “food stuffs and over-the-counter medicines” to political prisoners and their families, and training for grassroots organizers and “democratic engagement at the community level.”

In the past, some federal funds for Cuba have been ill-used or misspent, and the Herald has long called for vigilance in these important democracy-building programs. They should not be exempt from accountability.

But in this case, funds to assist Cubans who dare to dissent are undergoing an unusual and unwarranted level of scrutiny. Neither Sen. Kerry nor members of his staff have produced a “smoking gun” or evidence of wrongdoing. They have demanded answers to intrusive questions, reportedly including the identity of individuals at the ground level in a totalitarian state — information that the administration guards jealously and sensibly because improper dissemination would jeopardize their safety.

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JG: Only the Miami Herald believes all the shit that they publish about Cuba.


Jimmy said...

Nobody could see this coming! A week of Tamayo articles and Kerry hadn't buckled to the almighty gusanos (which he will in the end) so they felt it necessary to add their "voice." What's interesting is the people leaving comments in the Herald's site don't seem to support the waste of money. Ha el Nuevo Herald come out with an opinion yet?!

Cuba Journal said...

I do not put any faith on the comments of the politicians of the two major capitalist parties in the United States. They do not serve the interests of the working class. They only serve the interests of the banks, the super rich and Wall Street. Kerry is no exception.