Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A Bad Debt Deal!

U.S. President Barack Obama has capitulated totally to the Tea Party extremists and the GOP.

What ever happened to his promised "balanced approach"? He abandoned it! He is an easy pushover, no-spine whatsoever. The super rich will continue their never-ending party. They don't have to contribute a nickel to cutting the National Debt.

Why have a fake Republican in the White House? Obama's base will abandon him and Romney will easily defeat him in 2012.

In the beginning I was in favor of this "deal," but after listening to the arguments of the Congressional Progressive Caucus -- they fought bravely -- I switched to a rotund NO!

Here is what Reuters says:

The phony-as-a-$3-bill debt deal

Maybe Washington can start paying invoices with $3 bills — because the “dramatic” agreement to “reduce the national debt” is as phony as a three dollar bill.

Weeks of nearly round-the-clock negotiations among the White House, House and Senate have led to an “historic” debt deal that consists almost entirely of fluff, doublespeak and empty promises.


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