Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Yoani 'Queen of Whining' Sanchez continues her artistic performance

One more time, Yoani Sanchez publishes her daily dribble of whining at the feminazis premier publication, the HuffPo.

Listen to what she is complaining about this time: "The mansion on 17th between J and K streets had been restored: new aluminum and glass windows, retouched paint, and an expanded number of chairs for the long wait. Nothing in this recently retouched institution, yesterday, indicated that they would be easing the restrictions to enter and leave the country."

WOW! When a Cuban government 'oficina' is remodeled, they are supposed to make Yoanis' job of constant whining easier?

Cuba is doing the right thing in keeping an eye on those who want to bring Cuban socialism down! If the U.S. imperialists send more covert agents to the island (a la Allan Gross) have them serve a stint at the Havana jail! Every country in the world has a right to protect its national sovereignty.

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