Thursday, September 29, 2011

Barack Obama: the One Term President

What a disaster Barack Obama has been. The American people thought that they were electing a better president. How wrong we were.

I am going to put aside the Cuba issue for a a couple of seconds. Under the leadership of the guy that promised us 'change you can believe in' things in the U.S. have deteriorated to a breaking point. After three years, the economy continues to go downhill. After three years we have an unemployment rate of 9.01%. After three years the national debt and the fiscal deficits have gone to the stratosphere. He escalated the quagmire in Afghanistan and started, with the help of his NATO thugs, a genocidal war in Libya. What an affront to his Nobel Peace Prize!

Barack Obama has a record now, and it is not petty.

On the Cuba issue, the main theme of this blog, Barack Obama has continued to pander to the Miami fascists and has strengthened the blockade/embargo, covering himself with a fig leaf of timid and weak relaxation of Cuba travel. The fact of the matter is that this paladin on “freedom and democracy” still prohibits travel to the Caribbean island for the vast majority of Americans. And his black shirts at OFAC continue to rake in millions of dollars for minuscule “violations” of the blockade/embargo that he is still promoting.

Barack Obama has a record now and it is not pretty.

He is a liar and an incompetent and does not deserve to be re-elected.

Do not despair people! Barack Obama is Kaput. Nothing can save him. In November of 2012 he will get what he richly deserves: a boot in his rear end.


Here is the latest today from Obama, who still does not realize that Cuba no longer has to jumps through hoops when the empire pontificates.


The United States is ready to change its stern policy toward Cuba but has not seen steps from Havana that would justify lifting its embargo, President Barack Obama said yesterday.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez called Obama’s remarks “old and repetitive” in response to questions from reporters in Brasilia yesterday.

Rodriguez said Cuba maintains its commitment to normalize relations with the United States, but Washington has not responded to Cuban offers of cooperation in fighting drug trafficking, terrorism and natural disasters.

“There is always an abyss between statements from President Obama and reality,” Rodriguez said.

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro accused Obama on Monday of talking “gibberish” in his recent speech to the United Nations and said NATO’s actions in Libya were a “monstrous crime.”

He sounds like a parrot repeating worn out talking points. He will never learn! He does not know what reality means if it was staring him on his face.

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