Friday, September 16, 2011

Bill Richardson throws a temper tantrum

Bill Richardson flew to Cuba this week to try to get U.S. covert agent Allan P. Gross out of jail. He did not like the reception that he got. He had to fly back empty handed.

The imperialists still do not understand the seriousness of the crime committed by the person they euphemistically call a "contractor," as if by parroting that word ad nauseum the serious crime is converted into an innocent affair.

The New York Times is right when they call Mr Gross complicit in being "part of a semi-covert program aimed at weakening the Cuban government."

I remember the first year of the Obama administration. They were singing constant praises of the new President in Havana. Fidel, in particular, had a crush on Mr. Obama. I said to myself: "I wonder what has been put in his Kool-Aid?"

Barack Obama is like Bill and Hillary Clinton. People that can not be trusted.

Welcome to the real world, Cuba!

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