Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Obama continues with his head stuck in the sand while three newspaper columns/editorials call for the end to the U.S. embargo against Cuba

Barack Obama continues to show that he lacks the leadership skills which are necessary to run a great nation.

U.S. embargo against Cuba? ME TOO! says this weak understudy of George W. Bush who is currently sitting in the Oval Office. The U.S. economy continues to go downhill? Everything is fine, he says.

Three different journalistic outfits have called today for an end to the Cuba embargo, which the Caribbean nation calls a blockade.

The Syndey Morning Herald in Australia says that "The ending of the embargo is long overdue and the economic crisis provides a useful rationale for doing so.

The Province of Canada reproduces the same column.

The Register Guard states in an editorial that "U.S. sanctions have failed to topple the Castro regime."

Apparently the 187-2 vote last year at the United Nations is not democratic enough. All the NATO allies rebuffed the U.S. That vote will most likely be replicated this year.

It took a Republican president to reverse the policies regarding China. Mitt Romney, did you hear that?

Arrogance, thy name is United States!

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