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USA Allocates Funds for Subversion in Cuba


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Cables of the US Interest Section in Havana leaked by Wikileaks reveal that Washington supplies thousands of dollars daily to fabricate internal incidents in Cuba.

The cable 08HAVANA613 of July 31, 2008, addressed to the US State Department, shows that then Chief Jonathan Farrar requested 8,000 USD yearly to be given to Laura Pollan, one of the so-called Damas de Blanco (Ladies in White), and Roberto Miranda, of a so-called College of Teachers, informed Cubadebate website on Friday.

From that sum, 5,000 USD were received by Pollan and 3,000 by Miranda, who was also a recipient of other "aids from friendly embassies."

Farrar's cable says the money is "to support activities in defense of the human rights" of these two persons, though it even notes that Cuban laws punish with prison those who get funds from a foreign government to promote a change of regime in the country.

In this regard, the US diplomat suggests using clandestine channels to introduce the money in Cuba, as in other previous occasions, making people believe it is part of remittances sent by relatives in the US through the Western Union money transfer service.

Farrar carefully requested sending the money in euros or other currency but dollars to avoid the officially established taxation.

He also recalls that "humanitarian assistance to these persons is allowed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Treasury Department (OFAC) that regulates exports to Cuba, and requests 5,000 USD for Laura Pollan.

Cubadebate also refers to another cable, one of September 15, 2008, requesting 5,000 USD for a so-called "Transition Agenda", with information about Martha Beatriz Roque and Vladimiro Roca, besides mentioning Elizardo Sanchez.

Sanchez gave foreign press accredited in Cuba a list of alleged political prisoners that included Bolivian soccer players, an 18th Century painter and Peruvian volleyball players.

Cuban press has released evidence of money received by Roque and the "Ladies in White" from Miami-based terrorist groups, and a few weeks ago, receipts signed by Laura Pollan and Martha Beatriz Roque, on behalf of the "Ayuda Hispano Cubano" organization, were circulated on the Internet.


JG: Is this the "new beginning" that Obama promised with Cuba? No wonder that no one trusts him anymore. He has been inept and incompetent. He has merely continued most of the policies of George W. Bush regarding Cuba. There are those who say that he will be a one term president, just like Jimmy Carter. It is not enough to be decent or honest. You have to be competent. Obama is NOT!

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