Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What Barack Obama does not understand about Cuba!

What Barack Obama does not understand about Cuba is the fact that the Cuban people are not interested in transitioning-back to dog-eat-dog U.S. capitalism.

He is not intelligent enough to add 2 + 2.


Get it, Mr. President? Good luck to you in November 2012!


Lauren said...

It's not just him many Americans fail to understand how anyone would want to live in a Socialist or Communist State. Most of us have never seen what one looks like and our news and teachers tell us Socialism is nothing but oppression and work. Even though that more accurately describes life in the states.

I suspect that is why it is illegal for us to travel there without a license. We might like what we find if given the chance to explore Cuba without U.S. intervention. I know I did.

This is why it the personal responsibility of every Cuban who enjoys their system and their country the way it is, to educate the few Americans that do travel there. Without the local perspective we just compare places to life here in some pathetic attempt to convince ourselves that our way of life is best. If we didn't really believe that most of us like working like slaves and constantly being attacked by government from all sides, the entire country might commit suicide, because were too lazy to revolt.

Cuba Journal said...

Thanks for your comment and your insights. The American people are good people. It is very unfortunate that we we have the government that we have.

Compared to the U.S. Cuba is an ant. Why this constant hatred from the two major capitalist parties? Have they never heard of live and let-live?

Are they afraid that if Americans travel to Cuba they will learn that they have a system of people-helping-people?