Monday, October 24, 2011

Cuban Painting Gets Artist Into Trouble

This Sept. 27, 2011 photo shows a painting depicting Cuba's leader Fidel Castro, titled "El Gran Abuelo," or "The Great Grandfather,"' by artist Pedro Pablo Oliva, in Oliva's home in Pinar del Rio, Cuba. Oliva proclaimed his loyalty to Castro's revolution, his support for its goal of social equality and his gratitude for cultural largesse that nurtured his development into an internationally celebrated painter and sculptor. He even did a turn as a delegate in the regional assembly of the western province of Pinar del Rio. But when Oliva criticized harassment of dissidents and suggested there might be room for a party other than the Communist, he was abruptly expelled from the assembly, accused by his parliamentary colleagues of counterrevolutionary behavior. He found himself with no choice but to shutter his home-based community workshop after the government withdrew its support.
(AP Photo/Franklin Reyes)

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