Saturday, October 29, 2011

Unholy Alliance

The vote at the United Nations General Assembly, on October 25th of the present year, saw the mighty American Empire receive the condemnation and repudiation of the overwhelming majority of the civilized countries of the world.

Today, during the second decade of the XXI century we are witnessing two immoral and unethical nations join forces in an unprecedented act of arrogance.

We do no not have to accept the valid norms of international law; they seem to be saying contemptuously. We are mighty, and therefore, we can do as we please. Might make right, they proclaim.

But these two nations are totally alone in the world, witness of the 186-2 vote at the U.N. They are the proud and evil successors of Germany's Third Reich.

How come the mighty American Empire dos not condemn the weapons of mass destruction secretly possessed by the genocidal Israeli Zionists? If you kiss the ass of the empire, is it O.K.?

The United States and Israel today are totally evil, and they bring death and destruction to the four corners of the world. Will this evil duo be, one day, responsible for the total destruction of Mother Earth?

That will only happen if we let them continue with their evil designs and course of action.

ARISE, yee all peoples of the world! Bestow on this evil duo the moral condemnation that the U.S. and Israel so richly deserve.

The mighty Roman Empire no longer exists. One day, the mighty U.S. Empire will also pass into oblivion.

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