Saturday, October 22, 2011

Why does the U.S. government needs to encrypt baseball signals to Cuba?

Barack Obama and his band of Mafia executioners must think that the Cuban people or its legitimate government are STUPID.

The following excerpts are from an article by Cuban gusano Juan Tamayo, who publishes his dribble at the The Miami Herald, which everyday publishes nothing but garbage about Cuba.

-- beginning of excerpts --

Think baseball.

The mystery began Oct. 10, when a Web site that tracks U.S. government spending on Cuba programs reported that an Israeli firm had won a contract to broadcast Radio/TV Martí programs to the island via satellite.

Worth up to $1 million, the agreement requires RRsat Global Communications Network to provide Radio/TV Martí with the capability of encrypting its satellite TV signal., a Web site run by Tracey Eaton, a U.S. journalist who was based in Cuba for several years, highlighted the contract’s mention of encryption but did not comment on why TV Martí needs it.

-- end of excerpts --

The truth of the matter is this:

Yankee imperialism and its associated boot lickers hate Socialism. They can not forgive Cuba for having fought a revolution which kicked the imperialists out of the island.

Unless you are an alien dummy who just landed from Mars, you know that encrypted radio and TV signals are the means by which the C.I.A. sends messages to its mercenaries inside Cuba.

End of mystery.

The C.I.A. mercenaries in Libya just conducted another Mafia-style execution. Barack Obama better be careful: what goes around comes around! He may become the unfortunate recipient of a "present."

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