Monday, November 28, 2011

Barack Obama is a perfect example of "there's none so blind as those who will not see"

The world has changed. It is completely different from the world in the late 1950's. Constant transformations and new ideas are sweeping the planet. Technological advances are taking place practically everyday. And yet, there are blind people hat refuse to see.

Barack Obama is a case in point. His avowed "change you can believe in" was total fakery, specially on the Cuba issue. He continues to promote the Cuba embargo of Dumb Dubya and his eight predecessors.

The real problem, you see, is that Barack Obama does not really wants "reforms" in Cuba. What he wants is the total surrender of Cuba's sovereignty. To him reform and/or transition is total capitulation and the return of dog-eat-dog U.S. capitalism to the island.

Here is what one Cuba analyst, Anya Landau French, said today about the Obama administration: "when Raul Castro’s government released more than 50 political prisoners last year imprisoned in 2003 for their alleged cooperation with the United States (in fact, it released more than 100, all of its political prisoners according to Amnesty International, except those convicted of violent crimes), the Obama administration hardly acknowledged its significance."

[The U.S.responses] "were sold as a more effective way to get around the Cuban government, reinforcing Cuban officials’ perception that all the US government is interested in in Cuba is regime change – hardly an incentive to serious negotiation."

Barack Obama is very busy. Collecting money in Miami for his re-election campaign, promising the extremists in that cesspool of a city that he is "going to liberate Cuba." The gusanos, gullible suckers that they are, send him money. All I am want to do is to get a refund of the money that I sent Obama in 2008.

Based on what he promised in 2008, can anyone believe Barack Obama today?

A "new beginning" with Cuba is not going to happen under Barack Obama.

He is a consummate liar.

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