Friday, November 04, 2011

Cuba to Allow Buying and Selling of Property, With Few Restrictions

By DAMIEN CAVE - The New York Times

Published: November 3, 2011

MEXICO CITY — Cuba announced a new property law Thursday that promises to allow citizens and permanent residents to buy and sell real estate — the most significant market-oriented change yet approved by the government of Raúl Castro, and one that will probably reshape Cuba’s cities and conceptions of class.

The new rules go into effect on Nov. 10, according to Cuba’s Granma newspaper, and while some of the fine print is still being written, the law published on Thursday amounts to a major break from decades of socialist housing. For the first time since the early days of the revolution, buyers and sellers will be allowed to set home prices and move when they want. Transactions of various kinds, including sales, trades and gifts to relatives by Cubans who are emigrating, will no longer be subject to government approval, the new law says.


PDF: Decreto-Ley 288

Do not allow yourself to be scammed by the Miami Gusanos. Read "The Gateta Oficial de la Republica de Cuba." (Click on the link for the oficial PDF file.

It is very interesting and INFORMATIVE to read the original text of the Decree/Law 288, in the original Spanish. There are some idiots who live in the United States that are now yelling: "Cuba is going capitalist." What a bunch of FOOLS! In capitalist U.S.A., with its system based on exploitation and greed, you can purchase 50, or 100 personal "homes." None of that is happening in Cuba with Decree Law 288. You can have, at the most, two personal properties. Cuba is not trying to import greedy capitalism from the United States. It is trying to perfect what the majority of the Cuban people have chosen as a better system: NATIVE CUBAN SOCIALISM.

Do not let yourself be confused, fooled or scammed by the MIAMI SCUM!

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