Thursday, November 17, 2011

The feminazis at Huffington Post are helping Maurice Claver-Carone

Huffington Post self-promotes its blog as a "progressive" voice.


When it comes to the Cuba issue, they are one of the most right-wing branches of the Democratic Party. Ariana Huffington and her gang are certified Cuba haters.

Their latest anti-Cuba garbage, by Maricio Claver-Carone, is the usual talking points of the Miami ultra-conservative Cuba haters, which are the remnants of General Fulgencio Batista, who live in South Florida. They stole millions of dollars from Cuba's Treasury Depasrtment on January First, 1959, and then fled to Miami, Florida, with their buddies in the American Mafia. They still dream of returning "democracy" to Cuba, but they are all slowly dying in Calle Ocho.

His latest hate campaign is as follow:

"Reasonable minds should be able to agree that it's not in the United States' national interest to assist anti-American dictators in searching for oil to support their repressive, failing regimes. It won't drop the price of gas in the United States or do anything to enhance our "energy independence."

Yet American assistance to make oil-drilling in the Florida Straits profitable is exactly what Cuba's dictators Fidel and Raul Castro hope to gain as they use the threat of oil-drilling to maneuver the Obama Administration into once again unilaterally lifting U.S. sanctions on Cuba."

Mauricio's last name may be Claver, but he is not very clever.

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