Monday, November 14, 2011

Godfather of Arizona's anti-immigrant racist law kicked out of office. HOW SWEET IT IS!

From: Adam Luna, America's Voice
To: Cuba Journal

The tide is beginning to turn.

After years of anti-immigrant zealots dominating state legislatures and passing draconian immigration laws, people are fighting back – and winning!

This week, Arizonans voted the godfather of anti-immigrant politics out of office: State Senate President Russell Pearce.

Russell Pearce was the co-author of Arizona’s extremist anti-immigrant law, SB 1070. He rammed that radical bill into Arizona law, and extremist politicians in other states like Alabama copied it.

He was the fiercest advocate for radical anti-immigrant politics. Pearce tried to strip funding from schools that did not report undocumented students to authorities. He even called for the U.S. to reinstate “Operation Wetback,” an old and blatantly racist program that would deport more than one million immigrants a year. Russell Pearce staked his campaign and his Senate tenure on the notion that immigrants are what’s wrong with America and that if we demonize and deport them, we’ll be better off. He lost.

Read the full story about the recall and help us spread the word about this milestone by sharing it on Facebook and Twitter.

The voters of Russell Pearce’s Senate district (one of the most conservative districts in the state) sent the message loud and clear: attacking immigrants and terrorizing their communities is not only bad policy, but also bad politics.

We need to make sure that message resonates throughout the country -- particularly in Alabama, where a recently passed bill, HB 56, allows law enforcement to question anyone suspected to be in the country without papers, and detain them in jail without bond. No other state in America has a law this strict -- not even Arizona.

That’s why we’re trying to grow our movement to fight back against these policies.

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