Monday, November 21, 2011

The Political Posturing of U.S. Senator Bill Nelson

U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, Democrat from Florida, is a typical corrupt Democratic Party politician. He has always been a "buddy" of the Batistianos in Miami, and is a good friend of Robert Menendez, another corrupt Democrat, this one from New Jersey, a state where politicians are usually allies of the American Mafia.

Nelson is upset because foreign companies are going to explore for oil in Cuban territorial waters in the Gulf Of Mexico. So he has introduced a silly bill in the U.S. Senate which does not amount to a hill of beans, and is the trademark of failed politicos, who usually introduce bills for political posturing and to collect graft money under the table.

He is also strongly in favor of continuing the failed embargo against Cuba. He has no shame, doesn't he?

So I am adding him to my little list of incumbent politicians who will not get my vote in November 2012.


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