Friday, November 18, 2011

Thoroughly unqualified POTUS candidate, Herman Cain, thinks Cuban is a language and stumbles on Cuba policies

By Teresa Puente, today at 7:51 am

Here's a quick lesson for Herman Cain.

1) They speak Spanish in Cuba, not Cuban.

2) Cuba is an island.

3) If Cubans make it to U.S. soil, they become eligible for legal status.

Why does Cain need these basic facts?

On a visit to Miami this week he munched on a Cuban croqueta and asked with a mouthful of food, "How do you say delicious in Cuban?"

Cain also struggled to answer basic questions about U.S.-Cuba foreign policy accusing one reporter of asking a "gotcha question," according to CNN.

Cain continues to show gross ignorance about the world and human rights. Let's not forget his suggestion that we build an "electrified" fence at the U.S.-Mexico border that could zap to death undocumented immigrants.

Turns out he later said he was just joking. Right!

That's probably what he'll say about speaking Cuban.

I wonder what he thinks they speak in Brazil - Brazilian or Spanish?

I bet if you asked him in which countries they speak Portuguese, he'd say that's a "gotcha question."

It's obvious from his recent Libya gaffe, where he had a giant brain fart before answering the question, that he doesn't understand world events.

If he became president, imagine a trip to the Middle East. He would probably think he'd have to learn Egyptian, Israelian and Tarabian.

Hey I'm just making up words like Cain himself. He joked about not knowing who is the president of "Ubeki-beki-beki-stan-stan."

All of this makes me wonder how he thinks he could be qualified to be president of the United States.

This is without even factoring in the very serious accusations of sexual harassment.

And anybody who calls House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi "Princess Nancy" should be sent to sensitivity training.

Apologies not accepted.

Maybe Cain was brought up at a time when only "American" was taught in school. I doubt he paid much attention in history class. Maybe he studied pig Latin instead.

Cain may think all of this is funny.

I find it frightening, no matter what language you speak.


Cain Stumbles Over Cuba Policy

Wall Street Washington Wire

Herman Cain raised more questions about his grasp of foreign policy during a campaign stop in Florida Wednesday.

Between events with groups of Cuban Americans, Mr. Cain was asked about the U.S. “wet-foot, dry-foot policy,” which allows Cubans who make it to U.S. soil to stay, while those that get caught in transit (in the water) are sent back. Cuban immigration policy is a key topic for White House hopefuls stumping in South Florida.

From the Miami Herald:

His campaign kept reporters at bay, and when asked about the Cuban Adjustment Act and the so-called wet-foot, dry-foot policy, Cain seemed stumped…

“Wet-foot, dry-foot policy?” Cain asked. His press handlers interrupted as Cain diverted his course and ducked back into the building. Later, when he emerged, he was asked again by another reporter. Cain didn’t answer.

“Gotta run, gentlemen,” he said.

Mr. Cain also deflected a question on what he made of President Barack Obama easing travel restrictions to Cuba. That is a “gotcha question,” Mr. Cain said.

Later Wednesday, Mr. Cain said he didn’t think it was right to send back Cubans who had almost made it to U.S. shores.


The views on Cuba of four POTUS GOP Candidates
(The above website does not know the difference between a coup d'etat and a revolution.)

JG: POTUS is an an acronym for "President of the United States."

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