Thursday, April 19, 2012

About Elections

Times change. Many countries throughout our imperiled planet are changing. It is time that peaceful change should come also to both Cuba and the United States.

It is time that both neighboring countries to the south and north of the Florida straits institute truly democratic elections.

An election where you have only one party is not a free election. An election where you have two branches of the same party is not a democratic election either.

It is time for both countries to modify their constitutional charters so any type of citizens party can be created without interference from the ruling elites. And those ruling elites should not put election obstacles, so that their citizens can freely elect their choice of candidates.

In the United States, the two branches of the Capitalist Party alternate holding the reins of power. In Cuba, only one party, the Cuban Communist Party rules always. No opposition is allowed.

Neither the United States nor Cuba can call themselves democracies. They are effectively one-party states. In the U.S the capitalist ruling elites disguise the dictatorship of Big Capital. It is easily digested by the gullible, the uneducated, and the non-intelligent masses. The Democrats and the Republicans are not two separate political parties. They are just two branches of the same tree. They represent the interests of Big Capital and not those of the working class. Those are my beliefs.

In the last century, to my knowledge, only two elections can truly be called democratic in the U.S. One in Minnesota, where Independent Jesse Ventura was elected governor of that northern state, and another contest in Vermont where Independent Socialist Bernie Sanders was elected to the U.S. Senate seat from that state. The two ruling branches of The Capitalist Party lost those two elections. That was democracy in action. That happens only once in a blue moon.

When the two branches of The Capitalist Party, the Democrats and the Republicans, alternate “winning” an “election,” the electoral process can not be deemed as truly a democratic process. The two branches constantly prevent minor parties from participating in the political process. The most vivid example is when minor parties candidates are denied access to “debates.” Only the candidates of the two branches of The Capitalist Party can participate in those debates. Those “elections” are a huge farce.

Cuba should amend its constitution to abolish the “one party” rule. Then the rest of the world can start calling Cuba a democracy, but if they adopt the same system that operates in the United States, the political processes will be prostituted, as happens too often in the land of Lincoln.

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