Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What Karl Marx Did Not Say. The Problem of Sectarianism.

I am not a Marxist expert. I am just a humble person expressing his beliefs and opinions.

Karl Marx did not say “White workers of the world, unite!”

Karl Marx did not say “Black workers of the world, unite!”

Karl Marx did not say “Brown workers of the world, unite!”

Karl Marx simply said “Workers of the world, unite!” That umbrella includes everyone who sells his labor and works for a living, rather than clip bond coupons and then takes them to the bank. Capitalists do not sweat their brow.

But in today's world the problem of sectarianism is very big and it keeps on growing. Sometimes it seems to me that just about every person wants to form their own little group. They see the trees but do not see the forest. They all want to have “rights” but no one seems interested in responsibilities.

Those who promote sectarianism are the TRUE ENEMIES of the working class.

Those who promote the interests of so-called "people of color" are committing great errors.

The Spanish Republic of the 1930's was overthrown because socialists, communists, anarchists, syndicalist, republicans, liberals, progressives and many other groups were each marching under their respective flags of sectarianism. The fascists, the nazis and the capitalists were all united under the banner of the Generalissimo and a corrupt and reactionary church. You know the rest of the story.

Can you believe that in the United States of the XXI century there are communists (CPUSA) and socialists (SPUSA) who are defending the capitalism of Barack Obama? They say that, he is the lesser of two evils. What these dummies fail to realize is that unbridled capitalism is the REAL evil that we have to fight and defeat. Otherwise the labor exploitation, and the scams and frauds of modern-day capitalism will continue unabated.

Barack Obama is a capitalist. Mitt Romney is a capitalist. I know one person who used to contribute posts at Cuba Journal, who was more interested in defending the race of Barack Obama, than in defending ALL of the working class masses or defending Cuba. He saw the trees, but he did not see the forest.

Divided we fall. Unless there is true unity under the banner of ALL of the working class, the enemy will keep on winning, and keep on laughing all the way to the bank.

Let us not forget that Barack Obama continues the genocidal Cuba embargo/blockade. He does not deserve the votes of the working class.

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Silva said...

I assume you do recognize Rmoney is worse. Thus: what'd be your plan to prevent his election, other than voting Obummer?