Monday, July 02, 2012

I, Amateur Philosopher

There is nothing hidden or unrevealed about the meaning of our existence. We are born, we live, we die.

There is no unseen higher power that governs our lives. We are the masters and helmsmen of our own destiny. No one traces it for us. We become what we want to become.

Matter is the only thing that is present everywhere and can be seen everyday. I can touch it, therefore matter exists. You can't touch "spirits" or so called Gods. There is no absolute proof of their existence.

Applause for Karl Marx: "Religion is the opium of the masses."

We need only three things in the material world: shelter, clothing, food. They keep you alive.

Visual arts and reading superb books nourish our intellect and our brains. They are the extra gravy in our lives.

The search for truth and knowledge should be the only endeavors that we pursue without tiring.

Science is the only activity that should guide and govern our lives. Charlatans are the scourge of mankind. Avoid them.

Money corrupts people. Politicians, of the capitalist kind, suck.

Fortune and fame are illusions, not solutions.

Every species eventually becomes extinct. Every planet eventually becomes barren and desolate.

Is Homo Sapiens really using his brain when he wages war against his own species, or should it be renamed Homo Stupidus?

Live life to the fullest and enjoy it. We are here only for a short period of time. If we are lucky, have the right genes, and live a healthy lifestyle, we may break 100 years. But don't bet or count on it. The only thing that you need in order to die is to be alive.

There is nothing guaranteed in our lives. We all have to help to build the world that we want to have.

There will be great joys and great miseries along the way. If you fall down, get up as fast as you possibly can. Don't dwell on past errors and mistakes.

If it sounds too good to be true, it is not worth considering. Reason is the only golden rule. THINK.

Do not help destroy our world. Make it better than it was before you arrived.

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