Monday, July 02, 2012

One Man's Opinion

So you think that because your capitalist CEO decides to give you a 10% commission on the income that you bring in to his corporation, because of your capacity to labor for a living, he is doing you a “big favor”?

What a fool you are! Your boss is not taking any risks. He goes to a capitalist bank and borrows other-people's money so he can exploit you.

Here it is in the simplest of terms: You labor for 30 days, or maybe even a year. You bring to your capitalist boss' corporation the sum of $1 million dollars in profits. The sales that you bring in are normally a multiple of that profit.

Now, your boss gives you the promised 10%. Your take is $100,000.00. Uncle Sam and all the myriads of governments that he creates (state, county, city, miscellaneous “districts” like schools, etc.) take from you a big chunk of that. You are lucky if if you are left with $50,000.000.

Your boss, because of the tax cuts that Bush, Obama, and the U.S. Congress give to capitalist millionaires and billionaires, only pays a tax-rate of 15% on his income. Your boss and USA capitalism screw you every day of the week. I say pass the following law: (don't hold your breath), give the workers 50% of the profits that they bring in to the place where they labor.

It will never happen, unless there is a violent Revolution. Capitalists will continue screwing you 24/7/365.

The people in Czarist Russia, China, Vietnam, Cuba were smart. The Revolution was successful. The workers took control of the means of production.

What a genius Karl Marx was in explaining how capitalism works!

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