Monday, July 30, 2012

WAKE UP MOTHERS! Obama and Hillary Abandon Diplomacy and Choose War!

NYT and The Ledger: U.S. Abandons Diplomacy on Syria in Favor of Toppling the Assad Regime

Please help to make sure that the USA has leaders that promote PEACE, rather than WAR.

Mothers of America: Do you want your children to become the cannon-fodder for Obama and Hillary's new unconstitutional war in the Middle East? It will be a war against either Syria or Iran.

Hillary, Panetta and Romney have visited Israel. They were lying the ground-work for the new war. The two capitalist U.S. parties want to star a new war to get the country out of the current economic depression that it finds itself in. Mothers of America: these corrupt capitalist politicians WANT YOU to contribute your children and their blood.


Let Obama, Romney, Panetta and Hillary send their own children to their pet wars.

I did not invent that we are in an economic depression. So says the 2008 Nobel Prize in economics: Paul Krugman. It took WWII for the U.S. to get out of the Great Depression. Democratic and Republican Party politicians want to start this war to get the country out of Great Depression II.

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