Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fidel Castro resucita en su tercer funeral en un año

JG: Que papel tan ridiculo han hecho los gusanos de Miami, El Nuevo 'Gusano' Herald y el medico comemierda Venezolano que reside en el cesspool of the United States.


Brrr said...


Can I ask a favour?

I love your blog, and I check it almost daily. However, as a Canadian, my Spanish is really bad, and my opportunities for improving it are limited.

So what I'm wondering is if you could provide just a little more english to help schmucks like me out in reading posts like this one? Doesn't have to be a full translation, a small summary is fine.

Keep up the good work!

Cuba Journal said...

I will definitely try to do a short summary.

I already spend so much time on the blog that sometimes it it just not possible.

Cuba Journal said...

What this excellent report by 'Cuba Informacion' (one of my favorite websites) does is to report how three Western News Media Websites (ABC, El Pais [in Spain] and El Nuevo Herald [in Florida]) published an unconfirmed report as "true news")

Fidel Castro is laughing. He was "resuscitated" by his brothers in Cuba.

BTW, Faux News and the feminazis at HUffPo also "reported" that Fidel was dead.

When will stupidity end? Never. Homo Sapient is rather dumb.