Saturday, November 03, 2012

Cuba Journal Supports the Establishment of the United Socialist States of America (USSA). True Equality for ALL!

If you believe that we live in a “democracy,” I respect your opinion, but you are sadly mistaken. The capitalist dollar rules our lives, as made very clear by the recent mistaken decision of the capitalist U.S. Supreme Court in the Citizens United case.

If you are poor, you are being exploited by the capitalist elites, who every Sunday go and worship at Our Lady of the Almighty Dollar Church. Jesus called them names and threw them out of the temple. They do not love you, they only love the act of getting as many dollars as they possibly can out of your pocket.

On a 24/7 basis the capitalist elites (a.k.a. the Democratic and Republican Parties) screw you. Their scams and frauds never end.

Stand up and think for yourself. Do not let the corrupt Democrats and Republicans do the thinking for you. A better country and world is possible!

What a farce the current “election” is. If you put a Democrat or a Republican in the Oval Office, YOU ARE GOING TO BE SCREWED!

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