Tuesday, November 27, 2012

N.H. Resident: Congratulations Letter to Barack Obama. SHUTDOWN GUANTÁNAMO! [Better Yet, Give It Back To The Rightful Owners]

New London, N.H.

As I age and my remaining days diminish, I do things I would not dare. And so, this open letter.

Dear Mr. President:

Congratulations on your re-election. It allows us to imagine a day when the earth will no longer be poisoned, and LGBT people, people of color and women will get an even break. As president, you carry burdens that are beyond my power to imagine, and I respect you for that. Here are my hopes for your second term. It is time to end government by military-industrial complex, and to revive American democracy. Shut down Guantánamo and its sister prisons, end special rendition, put aside drones and the policies of assassination and torture. End those bloody things. Strengthen our economy by feeding it, not bleeding it. Nourish our economy and you nourish our posterity. Prosperity and revenue will come, and the national deficits and debts will take care of themselves. Continue to support the humble, the meek, and establish justice.

There may be small and empty people who will oppose and mock you, and manufacture crisis to frighten our fellow citizens. Do not let them deter you. You have it in your hands to do great things, and to restore America as the hope of the world.

Yes you can. Yes we can. Good luck.

John Raby


Source: The Nation, December 3, 2012

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