Tuesday, November 13, 2012

United Nations: “President Obama, TEAR DOWN THAT BLOCKADE!”

United Nations Flag

United Nations General Assembly

Condemns the U.S.A.

for its Cuba Embargo

The saga that has taken place annually at the United Nations during the last twenty one years, concluded its 2012 chapter this afternoon. The General Assembly is a true Democracy at work; all the countries of the world speaking together in unison, and no nation is accorded a right to veto. The U.S. has been placed, one more time, in the accused bench and it has been rebuffed and condemned. What will be President Barack Obama's excuse this time?

By an overwhelming vote of 188 to 3, the General Assembly spoke clearly against the economic and financial blockade – called an embargo by the United States – which was imposed by the Yankee imperialists on the Republic of Cuba over half a century ago. War-mongering Israel voted with its master, together with a tiny island speck, Palau. There were two abstentions.

What was Cuba's sin back then?

The sovereign and free people of the largest of the Caribbean islands overthrew the corrupt U.S.-supported dictator, General Fulgencio Batista, on January First, 1959. The country proceeded to implement a socialist system to protect its people from the predatory nature of its northern neighbor.

The American Mafia, which controlled all the gambling and prostitution in Havana during Batista's dictatorship, was expelled to Miami, where they live today in ignominy, together with their counterrevolutionary brothers, the fascist gusanos, (worms).

Doesn't the United States government know the meaning of “Live and let live”? How long will the free peoples of the planet continue to put up with the constant violations of the charter of the United Nations by a military super-power which is drunk with arrogance and contempt for the rest of the world?

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