Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cuba Journal's Uncle Sam Says Series

Photo: Mother Jones

Uncle Sam's Says #1. The First Commandment of my Organized Religion is: '”Thou shall love money above everything else.”

Uncle Sam's Says #2: Remember, the American Dream does not guarantee a roof over the heads of the suckers that believe in my greedy capitalism.

Uncle Sam's Says #3: The Second Commandment shall be “Adore only millionaires and billionaires, for they shall get extremely low tax rates.”

Uncle Sam's Says #4: Only capitalist millionaires and billionaires are worthy of being admitted to Heaven.

Come back later to this post to peruse new sayings, or better yet, send us new “Uncle Sam's Says” words of wisdom to be included in this series. Let us know if you want to use your real name (must have big cojones) or if you want to use a pseudonym.

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