Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Cuban Grand Master Lenier Dominguez Ends With Win in Chess Grand Prix

Wednesday, 05 December 2012, 15:09
Cuban GM Leinier Dominguez won over American Gata Kamsky today and lifted his follower’s spirits who were dissatisfied his performance at the Chess Grand Prix in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Dominguez won in 33 moves of a Closed version of the Spanish opening, in which he took advantage of his rival´s indecisions for his first victory during the eleventh and final round of the event.

A combined attack of the queen, two rooks and a bishop for central lines and the king flank gave Leinier the success, thus he reached four points and got away from the bottom of the table, then occupied by his victim.

Kamsky conceded his fifth lost and finished with 3.5 points, far from the 6.5 that allowed Russians Alexander Morozevich and Sergey Karjakin and Chinese Hao Wang to dominate the tournament.

The first one only got a draw against his compatriot Peter Svidler, while Karjakin beat Ukrainian Ruslan Ponomariov in the longest match of this round, and Wang did the same versus Azeri Shakriyar Mamedyarov.

The standings are not differentiated by tiebreaker, by the rules of the tournament, which will take another four phases in 2013, so the three of them are considered winners and accumulate the same amount of points for the final standings.

Mamedyarov´s defeat was extremely costly, because he was first until yesterday and ended up sharing the places of 3 to 5 with Italian Fabiano Caruana and local Rustam Kasimdzhanov, all with six points.

Caruana agreed peace with Hungarian Peter Leko and Kasimdzhanov did the same with Israeli Boris Gelfand.

Leko, Svidler and Ponomariov finished with 5.5, ahead of Gelfand with 4.5, who was a step before Leinier (4) and Kamsky (3.5).

This was the second stage of a circuit that began last September in London, where Gelfand and Mamedyarov were the leaders and Leinier and Kasimdzhanov were tied positions 9-10.

Although only 12 players compete in each stop, there is a roster of 18 invited players whom should participate at least four times each one to set the ratings for the candidates´ tournament to the world crown.

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