Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Even Right-Wing Organizations Want the Cuba Blockade Lifted

The rats are abandoning ship! The capitalists are beginning to realize that they are losing a lot of money by not trading with Cuba. If we trade with China and Vietnam, why not Cuba? The answer lays in the pure arrogance of Yankee imperialism.

What will happen in the immediate future is anyone's guess. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are 100% capitalists and both are certified Cuba haters.

But the world has condemned the Obama administration's continuation of the Cuba blockade by a vote of 188-3. SURPRISE! SURPRISE! SURPRISE!

In the 1930's the whole world repudiated the Nazis. The Yankee imperialists are getting a spoon full of the same medicine. They fully deserve it.

When a right-wing organization like The National Interest calls for an end of the Cuba blockade, it is a double confirmation of what we are saying.


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