Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Who Appointed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as Emperor and Empress of the World?

The case can be made that the United States is a country which entered in 2001 an irreversible downslope spiral of political, economic and moral decay.

Today, we see the U.S. sending unmanned drones to sow death and destruction in the four corners of the world. Their leaders do not have the necessary cojones to put their troops on the ground, because they know that, as happened in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, their people would repudiate them.

The case can also be made that both George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama have trampled the constitution of the United States with their undeclared military adventures. Our supreme document is very clear: only Congress has the power to declare war. Dubbya's and the Hope Guy's military adventures are unconstitutional.

The ruling capitalist Democratic and Republican Parties keep going from bad to worse. When will it all end?

They created the so-called fiscal cliff and now they want the American people to be the next Thelma and Louise. What a way to run a country!

In the 1960's the U.S. had a pair of leaders that made a lot of enemies. We all know how they ended up. Will history repeat itself? I hope not.

If you look at both the Cuba and Middle East issues, we see the two biggest warmongers of the world, the United States and Israel, being repudiated by the community of countries. By a vote of 188-3 at the General Assembly of the United Nations, the Yankee empire was thoroughly rebuffed for continuing their genocidal Cuba blockade. In the same manner, and by a vote of 138-9, the world repudiated Zionist Israel for their policy of continuing to steal lands that belong to the Palestinian people.

There is plenty of available evidence to take war criminals before the International Court of Justice. The list contains Dubbya and the Hope Guy in the U.S. and Netanyahu, Barak and Liberman in the Zionist entity.

The Holy Roman empire and Napoleon's, the Spanish, British, Portuguese and Dutch empires no longer exist.

Is the United States shooting itself on the foot? It richly deserves the contempt that is receiving from the civilized peoples of the world.


Brrr said...

I'm not going to eat that crap, but if someone else really wants to, they can have at it I guess. The part I don't get is the opposition to labeling GMO foods. I do not recognize their right to sell me something that I might feed to my kids without telling me what it actually is. Other than the manufacturers themselves who might think it would negatively affect sales (as well it should), who else could possibly be opposed to the labeling? Why is it even a discussion?

Cuba Journal said...

I feel the same way that you feel. I will not touch that crap with a ten foot pole.

The least that American capitalists could do is to give us truthful labeling.

Their greed is appalling!