Thursday, January 10, 2013

After “Miami Vice” Came “Miami Necrophiliacs”

I used to watch, at times, the popular TV program of the nineteen-seventies, not because it was any good, but because I particularly liked the introductory musical arrangement.

Life in the United States is mostly about crimes and vices. It is a life that is devoid of any redeeming values. Americans do not know how to enjoy life. Their lives are a never-ending chase after a pile of dollar bills, preferably those with a high denomination.

The current “thing” in Miami is waiting for someone to die. What a bunch of sick people! They must also belong to the NRA, another group of demented people.

Imagine, being “happy” when someone dies. The dummies in Calle Ocho, when they get up in the morning, don't ask “how is the weather going to be today?” They ask “has he died yet?” They are waiting for their ultimate orgasm of hate.

I do not need to explore or tell you why they have so much hate in them. You know the answer to that. Their lives do not amount to much. They can never forget that they were forced to leave the island, with their despretigiado general Batista.

The Supreme and Historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution, like all mortals, one day will pass away. Millions and billions of written and spoken words will spring alive with energetic force, telling and retelling the world about the life of the most important Cuban that ever lived.

José Martí was a great inspiration for us Cubans. He was The Apostle and our Great Teacher. He planted the seed and showed succeeding generations of patriots the trail to follow in the future. He told us, shortly before his death, about his life “inside the entrails of the monster.” His life was cut short, before his dream could come true. His example and his teachings will never wither.

But the generation of the Centenary of Apostle's Birth, the generation of the 1950's, knew what they had to do, and they accomplished it 100%, under the courageous leadership of Fidel Castro Rúz.

Fidel will never die. He will always live on, forever and ever, in the lives of the next succeeding generation of Cubans.

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