Saturday, January 12, 2013

An Open E-mail To the President of the United States

From: Cuba Journal

To: The White House

Subject: Isolated United States


On November 13, one week after your re-election, the General Assembly of the United Nations  where you have no veto power approved a resolution titled “The necessity of putting an end to the economic and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba.”

The vote, as you and the world know, was 188-3.

On the Cuba issue, how does it feel to have no friends? How do you feel about the total isolation of the United States, who hasn't learned yet that the Cold War is over?

Only warmongering Zionist Israel and some island specks in the Pacific sided with you. Even all of your NATO allies condemned your policy of continuing the genocidal blockade against people who do not seek to harm you.

This was the twenty first consecutive year that the U.N. General Assembly has rebuffed the United States on the Cuba issue.


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