Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Investigation of U.S. Senator Menendez Is Getting Very Hot

U.S. Senator Menendez denies all the allegations.

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My opinion is that Menendez is a typical Mafia hoodlum from New Jersey, a state which, like Nevada, is under the control of Organized Crime.

Menendez may end up resigning, just like his teacher, Torricelli.


Jimmy said...

Cubans reacted fairly positive with the naming of Kerry to lead the State Dept. As out of step that he may have appeared at times with the issue of funding subversion in Cuba, excuse me "democracy programs"(!), to me there still were disappointing factors at play. First, Kerry will be the diplomat in charge of Obama's chosen goals. Obama's goals are anybody's guess. I applaud his decision too relax travel for families, but he's so far insisted on using the some tired rhetoric when speaking about Cuba. Secondly, and even more disappointing, was that Kerry's leaving the chairmanship of the Foreign Relations committee allows this hard headed anti-Cuba Menendez to assume that role. With Menendez in charge of that committee, nothing at all would get through him that would be favorable in regards to bettering relations with Cuba.

Hopefully this scandal is his demise.

Cuba Journal said...

In my opinion, Menedez is the Democratic Party equivalent of Tricky Dicky. HE IS A CROOK, with low moral values. I expect the worst from him.

As to Kerry, I do not expect much from him. He is a multi-millionaire many times over. But if he is pragmatic and intelligent, he will realize that the Cuba embargo is a failed policy, that is condemned by the whole world.