Thursday, February 21, 2013

WBC warmup between Cuba and Korean club team canceled after teams argue over which ball to use

The WBC Baseball

Under normal circumstances, a baseball is about the least controversial object on the planet. The little white orbs are also usually very universal, each of them wound with the ability to bridge cultures, erase language barriers and force smiles between countries that may not like each other.

Neither of those truths, however, was present when the Cuban national team and the NC Dinos from the Korea Baseball Organization met up in Taiwan on Thursday.

While the friendly exhibition was set up as a way to help the Cubans prepare for their World Baseball Classic opener in Japan on March 3, not a single pitch was thrown.

The reason? Neither side could agree on what brand of baseball to use.


JG: This is rather silly and stupid! I expect endless arguing from dumb US politicians, but this is coming from supposedly adult and responsible baseball players.

Grow up guys! This was a training game! 

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