Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Chicago Gangster Barack Obama Sends His V.P. To Mouth War Mongering Statements at AIPAC

The dumb politicians of the Democratic Party are at it again, foaming at the mouth.

Yesterday, Barack Obama sent his V.P. to talk at AIPAC.

What is AIPAC? It is a right-wing organization whose name is American Israel Political Action Committee. It is very similar in nature to the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF).

U.S. capitalist politicians LOVE political action committees. They fill their pockets with big loads of money. U.S. politicians are 100% mercenary. Money is the only thing they love.

The U.S. economy continues to tank. Growth is very minimal. And it will get much worse now, with the Obama and Congressional sequestration in full force.

How to get the U.S economy out of the dumps? Start a new war! Wars are extremely profitable for American capitalists.

Mothers of America: WAKE UP! Gangster Obama and his V.P. are drumming up again the flames of war, and they will ask you to offer your sons and daughters as cannon fodder for their new profitable adventures. They will make tons of money, and you will end up losing your sons and daughters.

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