Friday, March 01, 2013

Elliot Abrams, A Right-Winger From the Reagan & Dubbya Eras, Writing @ The Cuncil on Foreign Relations, Asks A REALLY DUMB QUESTION!

Elliot Abrams is a real dumb "diplomat" from the era of Ronald Reagan. During those awful eight years the United States started its steady decline.

Elliot then went on to work for Dubbya, yes, the POTUS who told the American people that he was going to "liberate" Iraq.

It's the oil, stupid! That was what Dubbya was after.

The dummy is now writing for the Council of Foreign Relations. Poor guy! He must have a pressing need for some extra money. Americans seldom ever do anything without first getting paid. They are a rather mercenary race.

He chose for the title of his "article" a rather DUMB QUESTION: "Who speaks for the people of Cuba?"

Elliot, the multinational greedy capitalist corporations definitely do not speak for the people of Cuba. That was ended on January First, 1959.

KEEP ON DREAMING ELLIOT! You, Dubbya and El Negrito in the White House.

If you want to read his garbage, just Google the title of his "article." I will not dignify him with a link in Cuba Journal.

Au revoir, Elliot!

By the way, Elliot, the Cuban people speak for themselves now, and they continue building and perfecting their native brand of Socialism. 

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