Thursday, March 21, 2013

Florida State To Appeal a Federal Court Ruling That One of Its 2012 Laws Regarding Cuba Is Unconstitutional

Florida Governor Rick Scott
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MIAMI (CBS) – Lawyers for the state will make their case Thursday in a federal court in Miami as they appeal a court ruling which struck down a 2012 law which dealt with companies who do business with Cuba.

Under the law, local governments were barred from doing business with companies that have contracts with Cuba or Syria.

The law was challenged by Coral Gables-based Odebrecht Construction Inc.

A judge agreed that the law is unconstitutional because foreign policy power rests solely with the federal government.

Attornies for Odebrecht will make a similar argument Thursday to the appeals court.

The state contends Florida is not enacting its own foreign policy and that Odebrecht hasn’t shown it will suffer harm under the law.

Odebrecht’s parent company in Brazil has a subsidiary working to expand Cuba’s port of Mariel. At stake are bids on billions of dollars in Florida state and local government contracts.


JG: This appeal is a waste of Florida taxpayer's money. The dummies in the executive branch of the State of Florida, (Governor Scott and his gang of Medicare crooks) never learned in high schools or college that foreign policy is the exclusive realm of the federal government.


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