Wednesday, March 06, 2013

How Has Team Cuba Been Playing At the Start of WBC III? Peter Bjarkman Answers the Question.

Foremost, [Team Cuba] has been playing loose and with a solid air of confidence that can be felt all the way to the grandstands and the press box. Secondly, the Cuban bats have been booming, erasing many doubts grounded in a number of meltdowns during big tournament and exhibition games (especially against Japan and Holland) across recent seasons. Perhaps most important of all, the somewhat-suspect Cuban pitching arsenal has proven up to the task here in all three Fukuoka Dome outings. Ismel Jiménez and Danny Betancourt have been near brilliant in their tournament starts – a fact to be measured not against the lesser competition offered from Brazilian and Chinese hitters but rather by the pitch location and strike zone mastery displayed during both outings. Racial Iglesias has also been “lights out” in two relief appearances, especially the three closing innings against pesky Brazil on Sunday.

Team Cuba new rallying cry: "San Francisco or Bust."

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