Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Greatest Infamy

March 2, 1902.

You will never read about this date in the corporate-controlled Yankee imperialist main-stream news media.

On that day, the Yankee imperialists created the dagger that would go deep into their hearts in 1959. Cubans are better than elephants in remembering and never forgetting.

The imperialist U.S. Congress passed the infamous Platt Amendment.

That hated amendment established five conditions that would guide Cuban & North American relations:
  1. The United States had the right to intervene in the internal affairs of Cuba.
  2. It limited the right of Cuba to sign treaties and accords with foreign powers or to concede any type of privileges, without the previous approval of the United States.
  3. It limited the right of Cuba to obtain loans in foreign countries.
  4. It recognize the right of the the United States to acquire lands and to have naval bases in Cuban soil.
  5. Cuba had to knowledge and observe all the laws which were promulgated by the U.S. military occupiers and the rights derived from those laws.
On that day, March 2, 1902, the Yankee imperialists built and bought the sarcophagus that would be used to bury them in 1959.

The pseudo-republic that the Yankee military occupiers established later on May 20, 1902 (a holiday which is no longer celebrated in the island), merely established a neo-colony and not a truly free nation.

That would have to wait until January First, 1959, when the Cuban people, under the leadership of Comandante Fidel Castro and his 26th of July Movement Revolutionary Army overthrew the Yankee supported puppet and dictator, General Fulgencio Batista Zaldivar.

And the gendarmes of Batista had to flee in ignominy to Miami, Florida, where they still hope and wish for an unrealizable dream.

The Platt Amendment now resides in the garbage can of history.

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