Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Uncle Sam's Favorite Mercenary in Cuba Meets With Right-Wing U.S. Politicians

The U.S. favorite mercenary in Cuba meets with right-wing U.S. politicians of the two major capitalist parties. On the left is U.S. Senator Bill Nelson and on the right is Rep. Ileana "La Loba Feroz" Ros-Lehtinen. The one with the long hair is Yoani The Mercenary. The other people I don't know.

They were putting heads together about the topic of how to "liberate" Cuba and return Batista capitalism to the island.

Las malas compañías de Yoani Sánchez


i_contester said...

First of all, let me express my esteem to the author of this blog (unfortunately, I don't know Your name and how to address You). Well, I can't say I wasn't surprised to come across such a patriotic (and similar to mine) attitude in Miami. Besides that, I wanna thank You for useful information and links I've found in Your blog. I would be very grateful to You if I'll be able to consult You now and then about some aspects of Cuban reality. Shortly about myself: Rusian, male, interests – in a strange manner very coincident with Yours, including the favorites You've mentioned in Your profile; surely, I could give here a link to my blog, but it hardly will be of interest to You because it's 99% in Russian.
As for my interest in Cuban affairs – well, I don't know the reason exactly, but it's not seldom to encounter in Russia that strange love to the small island thousands miles away, maybe it's genes : ) No, quite forgotten, at least one reason I know for sure – it's that torrent of either lies or rubbish or both, that I not so seldom stumble across in "our" mass media: well, maybe not so ridiculous as some Youtube "disclosures" but nevertheless. And, if You don't mind, I'll try to write in Spanish: of course, it will be much more difficult for me so far, but I do try to catch every opportunity to practise.
Well, some questions. Owing toYou I've already found two Cuban movies that have enchanted me so much: Viva Cuba and Habanastation (Buena Vista Social Club not yet seen). Could You recommend me some others of the type (concerning Cuba, I mean)?
And question number two. Here I've already touched a little bit the theme of the so-called Cuban debt to Russia. But it's not about *my* vision now (although I could briefly summarize it, if You'd like), here I want to ask if You've got some opinion, experience, information etc. on the topic?
Thanks in advance,

Cuba Journal said...

Welcome to the Cuba Journal Blog. Yes, I do not speak Russian, but the Cuban people owe a great deal of gratitude to the people who now live in the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. If it had not been for the USSR the Yankee imperialists would have destroyed Cuba's socialist revolution.

If you have any questions, the email address of Cuba Journal is included in the profile of the blog.

I was born in Cuba and my name is Jorge. I am a 100% defender of the Cuban Revolution. It is an improvement over the Yankee-backed Batista dictatorship.