Friday, March 29, 2013

Understanding Capitalist Parasites 101


We will start with the definition of a parasite, of which there are two main types: small organisms parasites and,and in our own kind, the human parasite.

The small organism parasite is usually a very tiny creature that will invade your body and live off you. It will feed on your blood or it will feed on parts of your body. Lice and leeches are very good examples of this type.

In our own human species, homo sapient, we have capitalist parasites. They don't do any work themselves. They feed on the labor that other people, usually very dumb and uneducated, offer in the capitalist market place.

Here is a perfect example. I saw it happen myself. I was an observer.

I needed to hire a person for four hours to help me move my furniture from point A to point B.

About six blocks from my home there is a place called Labor XXXXXX. A very pleasant female, I will call her Lady X, met me at their counter, (no office). I told her I needed to hire one person for four hours. “How much is that is going to cost me?” I asked.

“It will be $80.00,” she said, and gave me a very big smile. Was she flirting? I don't know.

I quickly did the very easy math: 80 divided by four = $20.00 per hour.

Now, I know that in Florida the minimum wage is $7.79 per hour. That is what the suckers who work at Sea World make.

I asked Lady X a second question: “Of the $20.00 per hour for four hours that you will be charging me, how much are you going to pay to the person that you will send to me?

The big smile quickly disappeared from her face. She did not answer the question.

I had just met a capitalist parasite. The owners of this Labor XXXXX place, who have given Lady X a temporary “job” at their counter were the best example of human parasitism in a capitalist society. The owners of this place are direct capitalist parasites and Lady X is an indirect capitalist parasite. They both feed on the labor (livelihood) of the working class.

Capitalism = Exploitation of Man by Man + Immorality.

Just another type of slavery.

How did I solve my problem? I went to a place where people who are looking for work gather and asked the people congregated there: “Who wants to make $10.00 per hour for four hours of work?” Three dozen hands were raised immediately.

I had just made a new enemy, Labor XXXXXX, Capitalist Parasite.

But the fellow who made $40.00 became my friend

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