Tuesday, March 19, 2013

When? A Conversation Between Me and My Shadow

Me: when will Barack Obama start fighting for America's working class?

My Shadow: hey, man, get real! What kind of maui wauwi have you been smoking lately? Barack Obama represents the interests of Big Capital, the huge capitalist banks, Wall Street and the big corporations that are taking the United States on the road to fascism. He would not know how to fight for or how to represent the working class of the United States.

Me: do you have any hope for him?

My Shadow: are you are jesting again, man? Hope is only a word that he used to fool the people of the United States and to help him get his sorry black ass into the Oval Office.

Me: you are getting me depressed!

My Shadow: Sorry about that, man. But, it is the truth, as I see it.

Me: what should I do? I am still getting separate letters from him and his wife, which plead with me to send them money.

My Shadow: now you are beginning to see the real Obama. Its the money, stupid! U.S. politicians are only interested in stuffing large sums of money into their pockets. Thats is how capitalism works.

Me: How about the overseas trip that he is taking tomorrow?

My Shadow: I am very glad that you asked me about that. He is going to Israel to defend a race that is only interested in money, the Jews. He is plotting with them to start another undeclared, unconstitutional and illegal war, this time against Iran. The mothers of America will have to offer their sons and daughters as cannon fodder in this new Obama war, while the Jews in Israel and the capitalists in the U.S. make tons of money. Remember, it is all about money. You already know that it is the root of all evil. Obama and the Jews represent all that is wrong with mankind. That duo is evil.

Me: I am going to take two aspirins and call my shrink in the morning!

My Shadow: come back again soon, so I can continue your education.

Me: I look forward to doing that. I have to go now. I want to start reading that copy of Shakespeare's “The Merchant of Venice” that you gave me. See you soon.

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