Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yoani La Mercenaria (Yoani The Mecenary)

Yoani La Mercenaria

You would probably think when you read/hear the capitalist-controlled main stream news media in the U.S. that Cuba's Socialist government is about to fall. All they can do is dream, the poor fellows. The real situation in the island is far away from their wishful thinking.

The Yankee imperialists have been parroting the same shit since January 1, 1959, when the revolutionary army of the 26th of July Movement, under the leadership of the very able and courageous Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz overthrew the hated U.S. supported dictator Fulgencio Batista. The Yankees lost their most valuable real estate in the Caribbean, and have not recovered it. The Cuban people put a stop to that at the Bay of Pigs, when the militias,the revolutionary army and air force put a stop to their poorly planned and directed assault. They were taken prisoners in about 66 hours. Most of them ran instead of fight.

Recently, channel 9-2 switched from 24 hour weather reporting to a new format that they call Mega TV. It is in Spanish and it originates in the fastest growing fascist region of the United States, the city of Miami.

A couple of days ago, in one of their evening programs, they had a couple of shit-heads from Vigilia Mambisa (VM), a group whose main purpose in life is to assault and beat up Miami residents who defend and support Cuba. I am sure that you have seen the videos (here and here)  in Cuba Journal.

They were accompanied by a more moderate young man from an organization called O-JEC. He did verbal battle with the two very old and fascist fanatics from VM. They were talking about Yoani Sanchez, queen bee of the so-called dissidents in Cuba .

From the very beginning, Yoani has been a creation of the Yankee imperialists, with some added support from the capitalist European Union. They have given her millions of dollars in “prizes.” That ugly duckling thinks she represent the people of Cuba. She only represent those who would like the return of Batista capitalism to the island.

Dream on, Yoani! The Cuban people know very well who is your employer. 

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