Monday, April 22, 2013

1963: How Uncle Sam Gave Cuba 62 Million Dollars to Rescue 1,163 Miami CIA Mercenaries

Original Title of the Article: US-Cuban Diplomacy, Nation Style.

The article was written by Peter Kornbluh, the director of the Cuba Documentation Project at the National Security Archive of George Washington University.

Published in the April 29, 2013 edition of the Nation Magazine.

When Fidel Castro sat down with James Donovan in 1963, did he know that the humanitarian mission  was being overseen by the CIA?

If back then the U.S. and Cuba got involved in meta diplomacy (at the highest level) and employed pragmatism in exchanging the Miami CIA mercenaries for a very large sum of money, the same can be done today in the case of the Cuban Five and Allan Gross. Do an exchange of Gross for the Cuban Five based in responsible humanitarianism and common sense diplomacy and reciprocity.

Will American capitalism be able to ever overcome its hatred toward Cuba? They have not been able to do it during the past 54 years.  

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