Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Note From The Phantom

Dear Neighbor

If you rely on Social Security or disability
payments, you should know that president
Obama is proposing a  new gimmick that will
affect your income. He is calling it the


Normally, CPI stands for Consumer Price
Index. Obama's new gimmick stands for:


Your Soc. Sec. or disability payments will be
much less when you get cost of living  
adjustment with this new Obama gimmick.
He is planning to steal money that belongs to
you with his new proposal.

Write to U.S. Rep. Daniel Webster &
U.S. Senators Bill Nelson & Marco Rubio
and ask them to


when it comes up for a vote in Congress.
Ask your friends & relatives to do the same.
The Phantom


JG: Thank you Phantom for sharing this note with the readers of Cuba Journal. Although the blog is devoted 98% to the Cuba issue, we reserve a little room for items of national or international interest. This qualifies under the other 2%. Please feel free to come back. 

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