Friday, April 26, 2013

About The Two Major Capitalist Parties in the U.S.

When it comes to corruption, the Democratic Party is the worst. Número Uno.

When it comes to promoting and starting wars, the Democratic Party is, by far, the worst. Don't let Barack Obama do it again!

When it comes to doling out welfare checks to people who are lazy and who do not want to work, the Democratic Party has no equal.

When it comes to coddling criminals, it is a tie between the Dems and the Reps.

When it comes to the Cuba issue, there is no difference between the Dems and the Reps, they are both equally bad. They both hate Cuba, because it has proven that a better country is possible. 

Gracias, Fidel & Raul.

You can't blame Socialists or Communists for the sad current state of affair in the U.S. The two branches of The Capitalist Party did it, all by themselves.

When you vote for a Democrat or Republican you are encouraging and applauding them.

Organize, agitate!

POLITICS: "Poli" a Latin word meaning "many"; and "tics" meaning "bloodsucking creatures."

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