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How Cuba's Working Class Financed the Historical Moncada Barracks Attack on July 26, 1953

JG: The publisher/editor of Cuba Journal was only nine years old when the attack on the Moncada Barracks took place. It was the begging of the end for US-supported dictator and puppet General Fulgencio Batista Zaldívar. The Yankee imperialists had no knowledge back then of what was about to hit them. They had governed Cuba through pliant puppets since May 20, 1902, the day when they had imposed a corrupt neo-colonial capitalist system on the Cuban people. A third war for national independence would start on July 26, 1953. It would succeed.

What many people don't know is that the historical attack was financed by some of the best of Cuba's working class. A group of very dedicated Cuban Heroes formed  “The Movement.” Fidel Castro Rúz was their leader.

Fidel was captured after the attack ended in failure. His judicial trial would start on September 23, 1953. He expressed at the time, in court, that he had not collected one million dollars from former Cuban president Carlos Prío Socarras, a lie that was propagated by Colonel Alberto del Río Chaviano, a Batista henchman.

Title of the Granma Article:
26 of July, 1953 - One million dollars that never existed.
By: MARTA ROJAS - Page  4.

Here are some of the heroes of Cuba's working class, who financed the attack.

Fernando Chenard Piña
Worked as a photographer.
Sold his camera and photo graphical equipment at his studio
for 1,000 pesos and gave the proceeds to The Movement.
Assassinated in the Moncada jail by Batista's henchmen.

Jesús Montané
Contributed 4,000 pesos from his savings
as a worker at General Motors.

Oscar Alcalde
He pawned his laboratory “Tión” for 3,600 pesos
and liquidated an accounting office.

Renato Guitart
Killed at the Moncada,
gave 1,000 pesos to The Movement.

Ernesto Tizol
Gave a chicken farm to The Movement.

Pedro Marrero
Gave money he borrowed from a lender,
sold his living and dining room furniture,
and pawned his salary at a beer factory

Elpidio Sosa
Sold his job as a treasurer at an important company
and gave the money to The Movement.

José Luis Tassende
Made similar sacrifices ant gave the money to
The Movement.

Abel Santamaría
Pawned his car.

16, 489 pesos were donated to The Movement, plus some other minor amounts. Peso by peso, and quarter by quarter, less than 20,000 pesos were used to arm the 175 men who would attack the Moncada Barracks. 20 other men, who had been trained, were left behind.

Granma, printed edition, Friday, April 12, 2013.

JG: In the United States of America, in the so-called and failed American Dream, to do just about anything you have to have “investors.”  The nine Cubans who were mentioned above were true patriots and heroes, who invested their love in Cuba's dawning future. It became a reality on January 1st, 1959.

Glory to those who fell in combat at the Moncada Barracks and also to those who were brutally murdered afterwards. They will live on forever in the immortal pages of Cuban history.

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